Evershine íV Far Infrared Heating Pad System
Evershine Far Infrared Heating Pad uses carbon fiber as heating material that uses DC electricity in producing Far Infrared (F.I.R.) heat energy. The biggest advantage of using carbon fiber as heating material is that it is electromagnetic free. It is also energy saving and hence only a small amount of electricity is required for achieving desirable warmth. The use of carbon fiber allows Evershine heating pad to be safe, lightweight, environmentally-friendly and economical.

Far Infrared radiation is clinically proven to penetrate deeper than topical conductive heat emitted from conventional heating pads. As F.I.R. penetrates deeper to the tissues and blood supply, the affected area is gently and safely heated up with improved blood flow. Thus, Evershine heating pad can be used as an effective and temporarily relief of muscle/ joint pains and discomforts or simply be used for keeping warmth.


  • Micro-computer controller and LCD display for precise settings of temperature and time
  • Quick heat up time to achieve desirable warmth
  • Preprogrammed maximum temperature at 50°C/ 122°F to prevent overheating
  • Auto shut-off mechanism if heating time exceeds maximum of 90 minutes or if malfunction is detected
  • Low voltage for better safety
  • Energy saving for less money and greener environment
  • Hook-Loop Fasteners for adjusting length; removable and washable cover
  • Lightweight and easy to use
Far Infrared Energy for Deeper Heat Penetration~~~~


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